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The Swarovski brand comes to mind first when luxury crystal figurines are the subject of a conversation. Swarovski has been producing crystal figurines and marketing them for sale since 1975. Since that time, the crystal brand has produced thousands of figurines. Over time, a lot of figurines are now discontinued Swarovski crystals and new designs are introduced annually.

Avid collectors take great pride in the crystal figurines of their Swarovski collections. Having the most comprehensive and state of the art materials at hand is part of what makes collecting Swarovski enjoyable.


Quest for knowledge on Current & Discontinued Swarovski Figurines

Remaining well-versed about crystal figurines by Swarovski means that the collector is regularly keeping in touch with reputable sources of Swarovski News. In doing so, the Swarovski crystal figurine collector knows which crystal figurines are new releases and which ones are retiring. The avid collector also keeps up on the buzz following a reliable Swarovski Blog as well as the manufacturer web site and social media pages.


Research Discontinued Crystal Figurines at Retired Swarovski . com

All the crystal figurines documented on this site are figurines produced, sold, and marketed by Swarovski.  While covers most of the Swarovski crystal product lines, it does not cover all of them, so there are some crystal collectible figurines by Swarovski that are not mentioned on this site.

Also, some product lines by Swarovski have changed names numerous times over the years. references the product lines by their current names.  Swarovski Crystal page of the site includes some of the older names for cross-reference.

The simplest way for a Swarovski crystal collector to find out information about a discontinued Swarovski figurine, is to utilize the search function of the web site.  Users may enter a crystal figurine name, part number, or system number (as assigned by Swarovski), and the powerful search engine on the site should locate the crystal details on this site.