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What is the Swarovski Crystal Club SCS?

Swarovski Crystal

Standing for Swarovski Crystal Society, the Swarovski Crystal Club, SCS is a worldwide community of members who enjoy collecting Swarovski figurines. Some crystal sculptures are only available to members of this club. In addition, being a Swarovski crystal club member, you receive an annual membership gift and a subscription to the Swarovski quarterly magazine.

As of 2011, an annual membership to the Swarovski crystal club is $55 USD for one year, and $120 USD for three years. According to the Swarovski site, they claim 325,000+ members in over 125 countries. World-wide, that is ALOT of Swarovski collectors who may be crystal fanatics!


Swarovski Crystal Club Figurines

This site has a complete list of retired Swarovski Club figurines from 1986 to present. The list includes Swarovski Annual Editions, Swarovski Limited Editions, Swarovski Jubilee Editions, and Swarovski Ornaments that were available to Swarovski Crystal Club members.

Officially Joining Swarovski Crystal Club SCS

More information is available about the Swarovski Crystal Society if interested in becoming a member of the Swarovski crystal club SCS!