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Swarovski Value and Collection Assessment

Swarovski Crystal

A high number of Swarovski collectors are under the impression that collecting Swarovski Crystal collectibles are an investment. By definition, investors expect, the value to grow over time. Unfortunately, the idea that Swarovski is a good investment is far from being true.

When the economy was strong and the internet did not exist, as Swarovski Crystal retired, the prices collectors were willing to pay substantially increased as the retired Swarovski was a challenge to find. Especially popular piece, like SCS Annual Editions, regional releases (like the Gold Bee or 1991 USA ornament), and colored paperweights were among the most difficult to locate and could be at a premium price.

However, now times have changed. With the introduction of the online auctions, Swarovski value may be higher than original MSRP, but in many cases, lower than MSRP, even on retired Swarovski. Swarovski value seems to be a 'personal' figure, tied to sentiment, more than a financial replacement figure.

As the online auctions became a popular venue for Swarovski collectors, selling prices of Swarovski Crystal almost seemed to be 'sale prices' 24/7 and 365 days a year. Professional Retired Swarovski Dealers have online stores that collectors can purchase from virtually any time of day or night, any time of the year. Rare or hard to find (abbreviated as Swarovski HTF) items don't seem all that difficult to find and may even be reasonably priced.

With present global economy conditions, Swarovski collectors may be giving any crystal purchase serious consideration. When ready to purchase, the buyer will be demanding a real deal from the source, regardless of whether the source is a Swarovski broker, a Swarovski retailer, or some other party.

Swarovski collectors should purchase the Swarovski figurines and collectibles they personally enjoy. When times are bad, or times are good, no one has remorse over the purchase or price paid.